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Overlanding Expo West 2023 Flagstaff, AZ

Our team was interested in learning more about the Overlanding Community. We attended the highly anticipated Flagstaff, AZ Overlanding Expo 2023. Overlanding enthusiasts from all over the country gathered for a weekend filled with Vehicles, Trailers, Camping gear, informative workshops, and a shared passion for exploration.  

Our First Expo:

The Flagstaff Overlanding Expo provided a unique opportunity for the Automotive Integrations team to meet with overlanding enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and share their love for off-grid travel. Our focus was to see how important this show could be for our clients seeking new prospects and opportunities. Many of the leading Off-Road equipment companies were in attendance.

Promising information for our Client and Partners:

The Show was put together very well. Clean facilities, comfortable surroundings for visitors and vendors alike. Camping sites are offered for visitors which makes it very convenient for visitors to purchase goods and tote them out to their vehicles nearby, and purchase them they did! What blew us away was the vibe of the show. Attendees came with the intent to buy. The environment was relaxed and informal.  Attendees lined up to review $50,000 to $100,000 overland trailers as well as $500,000 vehicles. Suspensions, Shocks, Recovery, Performance, Armor, Communications, and more, were of keen interest to Attendees. Bottom line, the prospects with the means to acquire the products and  rigs of their dreams were in attendance, and they were buying. Many companies were quoting 12 month lead times and that did not deter purchasing decisions. 


The Flagstaff Overlanding Expo 2023 proved to be a remarkable event that celebrated the spirit of adventure and self-sufficiency. Overlanding enthusiasts from all walks of life converged in Flagstaff to share their experiences, learn from experts, and immerse themselves in the ever-growing world of overlanding and demonstrated the support of the Automotive Aftermarket industry. 

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