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Many automotive aftermarket businesses lack the time and expertise to execute successful marketing strategies or address strategic operational deficiencies. Unfortunately, most consultants provide one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t consider the intricacies of your business. 

Automotive Integrations is different. We’re a team of marketing and operations experts with over 40 years in the automotive industry. Work with us to get real business results and more time to focus on your mission. 

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Sell More Products

Do you have a product business but are experiencing slower sales growth? Our experts will work with you to develop your sales channels to meet customer demand for your products.

Expand Your Services

Exploring new service offerings to meet the needs of your existing customers and attract new business? We provide consulting, strategy, and implementation services.

Grow Your Brand

Automotive Integrations can help you scale your business with clear and effective messaging that attracts new customers and keeps your current clientele up to date on your latest offerings.

Implement New Technology

When it's time to replace your legal pads with new systems to scale your business, we help select the right tools that will meet your needs, your customers' preferences, and your budget.

Great group of people to deal with. Awesome ideas and excellent design on all aspects. Would recommend to anyone looking for help with e-commerce and web design.

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A Note from our Founder & president

We’ve all experienced growth and recession in the performance aftermarket. Today, with market shifts, our challenges are compounding. With customer numbers, tightening of profit margins, and the complexities of vendor consolidations, it’s clear that traditional ways of doing business are no longer enough.

Automotive Integrations was founded to spark collaboration by working together to share industry insights, activities that yield results, pathways to growth, and implementing technologies that deliver the desired outcome. These are things that are important to us all.

Together, we can craft strategies that revitalize businesses, from integrating cutting-edge technologies to dynamic marketing campaigns, we help you streamline operations and connect you with your market.

Surviving is not thriving. This journey has taught us the importance of adapting and partnering with the right people. We’ve seen a remarkable turnaround in customer engagement and business growth. At Automotive Integrations, we’re excited about the road ahead and confident in helping you face any challenges it brings.