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At the core, Automotive integrations works with clients to identify and correct operational inefficiencies to help them improve profits and scale their businesses.

It means we will start with a 30-minute phone call or an in-person visit to start getting to know you and your business and discover what you would most like to achieve and how we can help. Then we will work up a proposal for the work we think should be done and how long we believe it will take.

From our report and recommendations, the client may select one or all of our proposals, we set up project plans, budgets, resources, tracking tools, and engagement timelines. Projects may last 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, a year, or more. We also offer monthly ongoing support subscriptions.

  • Coaching and Consulting 
  • CRM Implementations.
  • ERP Selection and Implementations.
  • Operations review and process improvement 
  • Sales Training
  • IT services
  • Content and E-Commerce websites

No. We take the time to get to know you and your business to discover what it is that would help you the most. We build on the things we start with that we believe will make the most impact.

No, we are not. We will recommend partners and manage those implementation projects on your behalf. (SEO, Marketing, etc.)

We are a small team, and depending on the project we’re working on, you may work with a few of our experts but we will assign one point person for you to act as a traffic cop, of sorts.

For a consulting project, we’ll perform an on-site visit engagement that typically takes 40 hours: 32 hours of shop or plant tour, process overview, documentation repository review, HR overview, business strategy or plan for the remaining quarters, 18-month and 3-year goals. We perform a SWOT analysis for segments of the business. We review the sales process and tracking. We review the current technology stack, in detail. We also review any e-commerce solutions, marketing, and SEO activities. Then it’s another 8 hours to create and provide reporting and recommendations.


Other projects, aside from consulting, may not require a site visit, but if they do, we are happy to.

Yes! We are not a fan of companies that charge an exorbitant fee for a technology project and then walk away, washing their hands of it. We want you and your team to learn how to proficiently use any technology we bring to the table so that you’ll benefit from using it. That’s why we’re here; we want to help you.

We work in blocks. We create a proposal showing blocks of time for purchase. Budget hours may include Project Management, Data services, Creative services, Branding, technology subscriptions, website builds, training, technology/systems scoping and implementations, software engineering, development services, and more.

We work primarily in the Automotive Aftermarket. 

  • Brick and Mortar retail repair shops, including:
    • Custom Build/restoration shops
    • Performance/Speed shops
    •  Light Duty truck shops such as accessories and off-road centers
    • Medium duty truck repair shops
    • Tire stores that perform undercar services ( wheels, tires, brakes, shocks, suspension, steering, alignments, or other repairs).
  • Parts stores
    • Brick and Mortar retail parts stores
    • E-commerce parts stores
  • Remanufacturing
    • Performance engine builders
    • Stock replacement engine builders
    •  Undercar components (Brakes, Steering, Suspension
  • Manufacturing
    • Machine Shops
      • Traditional
      • CNC

You can call: 760-283-7542, or send us an email:

Or visit our website: to schedule a FREE consultation.

While we can’t guarantee success, we have been in the business for over 20 years so we have plenty of expertise in a variety of automotive businesses. If we can’t help you, chances are we can refer you to someone who is better suited to your needs.

Fire away! We love questions. You can reach us at 760-283-7542 or via email:  and you can visit our website at any time: .