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Revolutionizing the Automotive Aftermarket

Automotive Integrations provides solutions to the automotive aftermarket by improving operational effectiveness and focusing on quality customer service through technological innovation. Our services include website development, branding, marketing, consulting, CRM & ERP installation, operations support, sales training, and IT services. Learn more below.

Website Development

Branding & Marketing

Coaching & Consulting

CRM Implementation

ERP Implementation

Operations Improvements


IT Services & Technical Support

Website Development

We have an experienced automotive content website and e-commerce website team to provide data services, content creation, copy and website build. We have experience on multiple platforms. WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, and more. We are also experienced in integrating systems into the e-commerce website such as CRM, ERP, and MRP. Ask us how we can help build your online presence and help you sell more products and services.

Branding & Marketing

At Automotive Integrations, we value the relationships we build with our clients. We believe that collaboration and open communication are the cornerstones of success. Our dedicated team works closely with you, understanding your unique vision, and providing personalized solutions that align with your objectives. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey, unleashing your brand’s true potential and positioning your business for sustainable growth

Coaching & Consulting

Our initial contact with a prospective client is often a 30-minute phone call or an in-person visit. We discuss general information about the problem they’re working to solve. The next step is a deeper dive into the shop or plant tour, process overview, documentation repository review, HR overview, business strategy, and 3-year goals. We can review their current technology stack in detail. We also may review any e-commerce solutions and marketing activities. From our report and recommendations, the client may select one or all of our proposals. We set up project plans, budgets, resources, tracking tools, and engagement timelines. We can also offer monthly support subscriptions for our services on an as-needed basis.

CRM Implementations

We are a Certified HubSpot Partner. For those seeking to better manage their customer lists, and marketing efforts and manage the sales process, we recommend HubSpot. We prepare the client for an implementation, Prepare the client’s data for import, perform the system implementation and, provide training that ensures success. We offer additional services and platform’s to help accomplish the goals within the client’s budget and provide alternative options to accommodate our client’s needs.

ERP Implementations

We receive a lot of inquiries related to inventory and purchasing management systems. We have been helping our clients select, prepare for, and implement systems for over 20 years. Many of our clients who operate part stores, brick-and-mortar repair shops, e-commerce stores, and re-manufacturing or manufacturing facilities are seeking a great ERP/MRP to help them better manage their business. Some seek an upgrade to the existing system they use. We review your operation requirements and processes, vet appropriate systems and provide recommendations for the client. Once a selection is made, we assist with the system setups, data load, installation, training, and post-installation support should the client wish it.

Operations Improvements

Many small companies don’t have the staff or the time to create and maintain all of the documentation, training, onboarding, and HR-related tools that help with employee management and retention. We work with clients to create process and procedure documentation, KPIs, HR-related documentation, SOPs, employee handbooks, and more. We also train our clients on the tools we use so they can maintain these items going forward. We also offer ongoing assistance for the long haul as well

Sales Training

Employee retention in our industry is a well know concern. In the Automotive aftermarket, without product and application knowledge, customer relations, and company procedures, it’s very difficult for the new employee to achieve success in the time frame business owners expect. We offer industry-specific sales training. When combined with a CRM system, the sales teams we work with ramp up quickly, and business owners have the meaningful reporting they want to better manage the cost of sales and close more deals.

IT Support

Looking for IT support? We understand the complexity of IT needs. In many instances, the implementation of systems requires hardware, networking infrastructure, servers, computers, and more. Our team can provide scoping, equipment procurement, and installation services to support these efforts from start to finish.

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