Service Spotlight

Coaching & Consulting

A Different Approach

At Automotive Integrations, we’re not just providing a Coaching and Consulting service; we’re partners in your success. With 40 years in the automotive sector, we possess practical experience, essential tools, and tailored services to enhance your operational efficiency and satisfy your customers authentically and transparently.

Our Process

We typically start with a 30-minute consultation, in-person or over the phone. From this initial meeting, we outline your needs and determine if we are a fit for your organization.

Next steps include a comprehensive review of your shop/plant, processes, technology stack, HR, and business strategy. Once we have this information, we provide a detailed report, followed by actionable recommendations.

We can then customize the project management of the engagement which including planning, budgeting, and tracking. Projects can be large or small depending upon your needs and goals. We offer flexible monthly support subscriptions tailored to your needs for ongoing engagements.

Areas of Focus

ERP Selection and Implementations
With over 20 years of expertise in inventory and purchasing management systems we help you select the right solution for your business. We can also help with hands-on implementation or management.

Operations Review and Process Improvement
We can assist businesses in creating essential documentation, training modules, and HR tools. Our team has expertise in SOPs, KPIs, OKR’s, employee handbooks, and more. Our client-focused training includes tools and ongoing assistance for long-term success.

Website Development, Branding, and Marketing
We have extensive expertise in automotive content website and e-commerce development. Our team can help you select a web platform, and help integrate your site with CRMs, ERPs, and MRPs. We can also offer personalized branding and marketing solutions that align with your unique vision.